Florida School of Ju-Jitsu and Tai Chi

Goshin Ju-Jitsu

The word Goshin means "mind over muscle" and Ju-Jitsu means "the gentle art".  Goshin Ju-Jitsu emphasizes self-defense techniques where sound application of the technique eliminates the need of strength.

What Does A Ju-Jitsu Class Consist Of?

Stretching and conditioning are obviously an important aspect in addition to the actual techniques and are therefore done prior to each and every class.  The techniques learned break down as approximately 1/3 blocks, kicks and punches; 1/3 throws and 1/3 defensive techniques.  The techniques include, but are not limited to:

Inside, outside, rising, lower, etc. 

Hand Techniques
Punch (jab, cross, hook, uppercut), palm heel, forearm & elbow strikes. 

Front, side, roundhouse, knees, etc. 

Front, rear, side from grabs, chokes, punches, lunges, shoulder, hip, head, etc. 

For speed and agility 

Ronduri or Grappling
(Ground Work)

Rolling from left or right side, front-fall, back-fall, side-fall, free-fall, etc. If you've ever fallen, you've recognized that the ability to fall correctly and safely can save you from serious injury.  Because so many techniques involve falling (e.g., sweeps, throws, takedowns), we practice this every class. 

Defense from Grabs/Pushes 
Wrist grabs (cross or same side), lapel graps (1-hand, 2-hand), shoulder,  arm locks, full-nelsons, etc.

Defense from Chokes

16 basic defenses plus variations that include: Front, side, rear, etc.

Defense from Bearhugs

Front, side, rear, and over-arms/under-arms where applicable.

Defense from Headlocks
Front, side, rear.

Defense from Hairpulls

Front, rear.

Defense against Weapons
Knife, gun, club, etc.- 16 Basic defenses plus variations

Techniques are learned one at a time and lead up to combinations.  The techniques are typically practiced in pairs.  The uke initiates action, like throwing a punch or being the aggressor, and the toriperforms the technique.  The uke is the one that is thrown or swept.  We also regularly practice so students understand what techniques feel like against live, compliant, semi-resisting and sometimes resisting opponents.  This gives a student a better understanding of what applying a technique may be like during an actual confrontation in an uncontrolled setting.

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