Florida School of Ju-Jitsu and Tai Chi

Tuesday & Thursday

Level I Class: 4-5pm

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Many of our students enjoy a shorter and less strenuous class. Some forms are modified for those with restricted mobility.

Level II Class: 5-6:30pm

The instruction and movements are the same in both classes. By adding repetitions, this extended class relies on each student to know their limits. Expect to sweat a little during the light weights and cardio exercises.

One month of instruction - $25

One free visit for first time trial!

T'ai Chi, Qigong & Martial Arts Fitness

T'ai Chi is the ancient art of mind/body harmony (like mobile Yoga). Through low-impact, slow-motion exercises, t'ai chi increases balance and core strength.  Qigong coordinates slow flowing movement with breathing to create a calm meditative state of mind.

Martial Arts Fitness is light weights used for training upper body strength followed by a cardio workout.
This part of the program is a high energy cardio workout. Students are assessed on an individual basis as to ability levels.

What Does a T'ai Chi and Martial Arts Fitness Class Consist Of?

  • 10 Minutes of Qi'gong
  • 45 Minutes of T'ai Chi
  • 15 Minutes of Light Weights
  • 15 Minutes of Cardio Fitness
  • 10 Minutes of Stretching and Relaxation

What are the benefits of T'ai Chi and Martial Arts Fitness Classes?


Strength & Balance

Mental Awareness

Stress Relief, Relaxation, Calming

Individual Management for each student

Full Body Workout / Zero Impact (Practiced in slow motion)

Classes are fun and relaxed. Students may rest and take breaks as necessary.

Looking for traditional Goshin Ju-jitsu? Learn about our martial arts.
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